We the People! of this Earth must rally up to bring the Change we want, by being the Change we want to see. This website serves to exhort those of who have suffered adversity from misguided agendas, corruption and malefic motivations to "take down" fellow human beings because they are different. In Cape Cod - God's Country - there are a few hopelessly misguided people - who are powerful based on their incestuous connections within the Police, Judiciary, Administration and Business and have long engaged in a "preserving" God's Country from mortal immigrants such as I.

"The Board of Registration in Medicine (BRM) is protective of a cartel that operates in Cape Cod. Draconian abuse of Administrative and Maritime Law Provisions have given a free hand to misguided and unchecked attorneys at the BRM."

The founding fathers of this great Country would sure cringe at the notion that Cape Cod is driven by a few individuals who believe that they can use the law and its' enforcers to effectively run a cartel, which in it's most basic form is everything that the United States does not stand for; AND which in it's influence threatens the power of a shadow government, machinery to effect people's minds into a more sinister offspring - the growth of a Rule of Law to protect Criminal behavior.

When one studies many of the glocal ills prevalent today and lauds the present administration's efforts to deal with them, it is discerning and humbling to know - the enemy is within us and perhaps our actions have created a lot of challenges we face today.

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Emergency Motion to expose fraud at Board of Registration in Medicine

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